How to Apply Search Marketing to Your Business with Dan Shure

Advertising online usually has keywords attached to the process that attract search users to your website. While your positioning on the search results page is valuable, if users aren’t finding the answers to their problem on your page, they’ll bounce.

Dan Shure is an SEO Expert at Evolving SEO, and he’s sharing how B2B businesses can utilize SEO to market themselves more effectively online. Bringing his expertise and personal experience with search marketing, Dan offers valuable insight.

In this episode, we cover:

  1. The benefits of creating content that starts at the beginning of the funnel

  2. How to build trust and relationships in a matter of minutes

  3. Community building over SEO

If you’re trying to pop up on the results page for a transactional search, it may be wise to make sure you’re putting content-based material for users to see. You want this content to address the wants and needs of buyers, not the product or service you are offering to them. Show them how you can solve their problems as a thought leader.

Through the content you publish, users will see that you’re offering a service that will help them, and they’re much more likely to trust you and your word. Personable efforts and approaches to content add a human element to content marketing, making the user feel more comfortable to start forming a relationship with you.Once that trust is solidified, it’s easier than ever to build communities online through the content you’re sharing. Responding to questions people may have, or posting blogs centered around what people are talking about online will connect you to so many users that will, one day, need your services.

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