Grow Your Business Through Referral Marketing with Dan Golden of Be Found Online

Increasing your agency’s reach and exposure can be accomplished in many different styles and methods, like SEO, social media marketing, content sharing, and more. Referral programs, though, can add a little sweetness (literally) to your outreach process.

Dan Golden, President and Chief Search Artist of Be Found Online, shares how a “happy accident” set his business apart from others through a unique referral program. Recognizing that there was a need for referrals, Dan and his team were able to build the trust and credibility BFO needed to drive new business.

In this episode, we’ll talk about:

  1. The importance of referrals and how your business can grow from them

  2. How to gain trust and credibility—fast

  3. Saving money through referrals

  4. Testing new methods to remain relevant through the changes of digital marketing

Why are referrals necessary? For one, they add a personalized touch to your method of reaching new customers. Dan’s experience teaches us that word of mouth goes a long way. While many agencies focus on blogging, SEO, and content, Dan highlights the power of trust and recommendations.

One of the fastest ways to gain trust and credibility as a business is through, you guessed it, referrals. Through personalized emails and phone calls, you’ll have customers coming back for more, bringing their friends with them.

If you’re advertising online, there can be a steep price tag attached. Fortunately, you can save on marketing and advertising expenses through word of mouth marketing. For one client you reach out to, for example, they can refer you to five more potential customers.

Any marketer knows that digital marketing methods do not follow a linear model. It’s a rather ambiguous and evolving world that requires you to be ready for any sort of change. Testing new outreach methods every so often will help you face the shift with ease.

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