B2B Content Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Agency with Benji Hyam

You’ve taken the first step. You know that content marketing is a viable way to grow your consulting business. Building trust with your customers on the front end puts you at a huge competitive advantage over companies who rely heavily on outbound sales and do not have a content marketing strategy.

Draw customers to you by letting them do the initial legwork of familiarizing themselves with your company through your content. You’d do it in the sales process anyway, so your content can go a long way to establishing you as an authority.

In this episode you will learn how to:

  1. Build trust with your customer before getting them on the phone

  2. Get better leads and move beyond the referral

  3. Prevent audience burn out so they keep coming back for more

  4. Promote your content so it’s seen by thousands in your target market

  5. Scale up your content output to scale up success

Building trust starts from the moment someone finds you through your content. Imagine: they’re reading about how to solve a problem they have, and they’re turning to you for advice, long before you talk to them.

Eventually, that helps you increase leads to your business. Not just get more leads, though, get much better leads.

You have to keep your content program fresh, because audience burnout is a very real thing. Benji gives a few strategies to help you sense when burnout may be happening (not your fault, btw), and what to do about it.

And the hardest part of content marketing, perhaps, is having a content promotion strategy. It’s not enough to just make content. You also have to get in front of people so they know it exists.

Once you figure all this out – and you will – it’s time to think about scaling up to get the output that you want. Sure, you can write a great article, but can you do it every week? Or even every day?

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